Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Being that it is the height of summer along with the fact that COVID travel regulations have been lifted, more and more families are traveling. Why not? Seeing the world is great and offers many great adventures. The only problem is the threats lurking in the shadows. Most travelers these days are smart enough to be aware of dangerous areas, scams, and traveling at night. However, most travelers aren’t aware of the one threat they could bring back into their homes with them. That threat would be bed bugs, and their presence is far more widespread and prominent than ever before. Therefore, if one wants to travel safely these days, they’re going to have to learn how to safeguard themselves against these potential dangers.

Preparations Are In Order

Some families are spontaneous, but most aren’t, and there is nothing wrong with that. Not only that, but it is nearly impossible to consider a trip without at least preemptively attacking a few details ahead of time. Sometimes, one is only asking for trouble if they just show up somewhere without a plan. That said, you’ll likely take the time to plan out your itinerary, book your flights, rent a car, or tackle the other necessary steps. One of those steps will without a doubt be settling on accommodations. Accommodations can make or break a trip, and the check will certainly go into the negative column if you get home and discover you’ve brought an unwanted guest along with you. Since you are already shopping around for lodgings and whatnot, why not take the time to study the reviews and testimonials a bit further? The Internet can be an invaluable resource when used properly for the right situations. People these days are always blogging or leaving reviews regarding their personal experiences with something. It stands to reason that if someone stayed in a hotel with bed bugs, it will be reported online somewhere. Take just a bit of extra time to do some careful research and you just might avoid a whole nightmarish scenario.

Other Preparations

One doesn’t just venture out on the road with what clothing is on their backs. No, it’s safe to assume that you’ll spend a good deal of time packing for your trip. Not only will you pack, but you’ll probably research weather reports and weigh the appropriate attire for the situations you’ll be in. Since you are already doing all that, you can take a bit of extra time here as well and might end up preventing a future disaster. Most people like black suitcases and bags because they virtually go with anything. They also hide wear and tear better. The only problem is black or darker colors will make it harder to spot uninvited guests. Lighter colors will be better for spotting extremely small insects with the naked eye. Along with this, you should take the extra time and money to buy plastic protectors for your clothes. Think of it as an added investment, as these covers will serve multiple purposes. They’ll not only prevent inspects from embedding themselves in your clothing, but they’ll keep them protected from exposure to potentially harmful outside elements.

A Flashlight Can Do Wonders

One never realizes the true convenience of certain simplistic items until they find themselves in dire need of them. A flashlight would be the perfect example. This is especially true when scouring a room for insect presence. Just because you’ve don’t your due diligence and did your research, it doesn’t mean your endeavor is complete. One is always better not to rely solely and wholeheartedly on the word of others. Take the time to put your eyes on the situation. And that’s exactly what you’ll want to do when you arrive at your room. A flashlight will be an invaluable tool for scouring the room. Before unpacking your clothing and moving into the room make sure you perform a precursory check. Look in the drawers, look under the sheets, under the mattress, give the drapes a good shake, and check any area where you think bed bugs might possibly be hiding. Never rely solely and completely on the words of an online testimonial. Most cellphones come equipped with fairly functional lights.

Make Your Returning Preparations

One might think they are all in the clear if they’ve gone their entire trip without spotting or experiencing an insect encounter. This could very well be the case, but bed bugs are one of the smartest and most industrious insects known to man. These insects are clever enough to go out of their way to avoid detection, so just because you haven’t seen any doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t there. Take the time to do one final and thorough check before bagging up and heading home. This 30-minute hassle could end up saving you countless hours and hundreds of dollars. Another good tactic is to throw your dirty laundry in the wash immediately after arriving home. Be sure to wash in the hottest water possible and dry on high heat, as most insects will wither and die under extreme heating conditions.

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