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Pantry pests are regularly found in our area. Unfortunately, these unique pests are going to create serious problems for you and your loved ones. The problem is that pantry pests are going to reside in the food you eat. Once they’ve entered your home, they’ll invade your flour, cereal, dry pet food, spices, bread, and dry pasta. They will begin eating the food in question and reproducing so the infestation is going to spread rapidly. You cannot delay getting rid of these pests since the infestation is only going to worsen.

Whether you’re dealing with saw-toothed grain beetles, cigarette beetles, or Indian meal moths, you can depend on us to fix the problem. These are the most common pantry pests in our area. Again, pantry pests are going to breed rapidly since they live in the food they consume. They’ll have no trouble thriving in your home. They can generally produce a handful of generations in a year. Before you know it, your infestation is going to spiral out of control.

Thankfully, a pantry pest infestation means nothing about your housekeeping practices. Even if you clean our house thoroughly, there is no guarantee that you won’t encounter pantry pests.

Appearances Of Common Pantry Pests

There are several types of pantry pests in our area. Some of the most common will be explored in more depth below.

Indian Meal Moths

First, you might encounter Indian meal moths. These pests are small. They’re moths with a gray-white front and a coppery back. They also have forewings that are reddish-brown. While the moths are going to be annoying, you primarily have to worry about the larvae destroying your food. The larvae will damage the food in your home. Indian meal moth larvae will happily target a variety of food products in your home, including cereal, spices, bread, and more.

As for the moths, they’re going to spread throughout your home and begin building cocoons.

Saw-toothed Grain Beetles

You may also encounter saw-toothed grain beetles. These slender, flat beetles are brown. They often grow up to a tenth of an inch in length and have saw projections on both sides of their thorax. Saw-toothed grain beetles will destroy candy, cereal, dried fruit, flour, and more. You will find that the adults and larvae will destroy the food products that are stored in your pantry. Sometimes, these pests are going to target pet food and even rodent bait. It is wise to take care of the infestation before it worsens because saw-toothed grain beetles will reproduce rapidly.

Cigarette Beetles

Cigarette beetles are unique because they’re going to target tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and loose tobacco. They’ll also destroy your pet food, nuts, cereals, and more. Unfortunately, they’re hard to eliminate since they are difficult to spot. They’re light brown and only an eighth of an inch in length. Their wing covers are smooth while their bodies have hairs. Therefore, they’re going to look hairy.

What Causes Pantry Pests?

Pantry pests tend to enter homes after you’ve visited the grocery store. The food products you’ve purchased might’ve contained these pests. If this is the case, you’re going to bring pantry pests into your home. Since they’re difficult to spot, this happens frequently. Although infestations can handle in other ways, they happen most often when people purchase food products that contain pantry pests. It only takes a few pests to create a massive infestation. Once they’ve entered your home, the pests are going to begin eating and reproducing.

You won’t be able to stop them without getting rid of them. Call a professional because pantry pests are going to breed around the clock. We have the skills and tools needed to get rid of pantry pests for you.

Common Signs Of Pantry Pest Infestations

It is going to be difficult to identify the pantry pest infestation in your home. Therefore, you need to look carefully. Typically, people don’t realize they have a problem until the pantry pests reach adulthood. Once this happens, it is common for moths to begin flying around the pantry. They’ll also create cocoons in your home. If this is what you’re dealing with, you need to do something about it immediately. The infestation is not going to improve. Call us because we can tackle this problem right away.

We offer comprehensive pantry pest services, including inspections and eliminations. Call to get started.

Dangers Associated With Pantry Pests

You might be worried about the risks associated with pantry pests. Since they live in your food products, you might be concerned that they’re going to make you sick. After all, you’re likely going to swallow them. We understand this wholeheartedly, but you can rest assured knowing that they’re not dangerous. Instead, pantry pests usually do not cause any health hazards. The biggest problem is that they’re going to destroy the food products in your home.

Before you know it, you’ll have to replace these products numerous times. We recommend tackling the issue before it reaches this severity. If you need professional assistance, be sure to call our office. We’ll do everything we can to fix the problem for you.

Preventing Invasions Of Pantry Pests

We strongly urge you to do something about your pantry pests. Once you’ve managed to get rid of them, you should take steps to keep them out. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy to achieve because pantry pests are hard to spot. Still, you should use the advice below to keep them out.

  • Make sure that all food products in your home are stored correctly. Place cereal and other foods in airtight, durable containers. The lid should be tightly secured. Don’t use paper or cardboard because the pests will be able to chew through these materials.
  • Your pantry shelves should be cleaned regularly. If you leave crumbs, there is a good chance that pantry pests will feed on them. Then, you’ll have a problem to deal with.
  • When purchasing groceries, never combine old foods with new foods. You might be contaminating your new food products.
  • Are you worried that something might be infested? Test it to find out. Start by dumping the food into a plastic bag. Seal the bag and let it sit for several days. If you see bugs in the bag, the food is infested.
  • Always clean your old containers before using them again. Doing so will prevent a current infestation from infesting your new foods.

Eliminating Infestations Of Pantry Pests At Home

Do you need to get rid of an infestation of pantry pests? Unfortunately, you have an uphill battle on your hands. You’ll have to work diligently to ensure that they’re gone for good. If you need professional assistance, we recommend calling our office right now. Otherwise, you can try using the tips below to eliminate the pests.

  • Start by throwing out any products that are infested with pantry pests. Be sure to place the food items in a plastic bag. Seal the bag before throwing it away.
  • All items should be removed from your pantry. Once you’ve removed these items, you can begin cleaning the shelves and cabinets. Don’t leave any surfaces untouched. Clean every inch to ensure that you get rid of all crumbs.
  • You’ll also want to clean shelves, corners, walls, and all surfaces.
  • Once you’ve finished cleaning everything, you can replace the food items.

You may be tempted to experiment with DIY sprays for pantry pests. Although these products might work, you have to remember that they could cause other problems. For instance, they might contain toxins. If you’re using these products around your food products, you may end up ingesting these dangerous materials. Preventing that from happening by finding a different solution. We recommend working with our professionals.

When Can You Start?

Our technicians are ready to begin helping you. We offer comprehensive solutions and want to start soon. After your first call, we’ll make sure someone gets back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Only Safe Methods

Our company is adamant about protecting its clients to the fullest. When you call our office, we’ll do everything we can to keep you safe. Our technicians are required to follow precise protocols to keep the client protected. We also use the latest EPA-approved methods. The combination guarantees that you’re going to be okay throughout the procedure. If you want to protect yourself and the ones you love, call us. We’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Preventing This Problem

Unfortunately, you’re going to have difficulty trying to keep these pests out of your home. It is common for pantry pests to be found in the food products you’ve purchased. If you bring them home, you’re going to have to get rid of them by working with a qualified professional. When you go grocery shopping, you should keep a close eye on the foods that you’re buying. Look closely to ensure that the food containers do not have pantry pests.

If they do, you’re going to bring them into your home and kick-start an infestation. Just remember that we’re always here to help you get rid of them.

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