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Here’s a full list of the integrated pest management solutions that we offer in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

Ant Control—There’s a reason why our ant treatments are so popular in Winnipeg: because they always work, no matter what!

Bed BugsDo you require a bed bug bed bug treatment that effectively allows you to get rid of these nasty bugs? We have the best bed bug treatments in Winnipeg, and we’ll be delighted to help you accomplish a 100% effective bed bug control outcome.

BeetlesThe Carpet Beetle and the Cigarette Beetle stand no chance against our team of pest control experts.

Box Elder BugsAre you seeing too many of these around box elder trees? Then you’re dealing with an infestation, but the good news is that we’re here to help!

Carpenter Ants and Carpenter BeesWe’re experts in exterminating all kinds of carpenter bugs that you may possibly in Winnipeg.

CockroachesExtremely resistant, cockroaches won’t go away with DIY methods—but they’ll definitely be gone for good once our team is done with them.

EarwigsThey look aggressive, and they may sting. We know you don’t want them around, so leave them to us—our pest control experts can help you to get rid of them in no time!

FleasThey typically show up in homes where there are pets. And they’re a nuisance for families who have pets, along with being potential hazardous for the health of both pets and their families. A flea infestation should be considered a significant situation that can’t be solved with DIY sprays—which is why you should call our team in Winnipeg to put an end to it.

LadybugsThey’re only cute at a distance… but they’re not cute at all if they’re invading your place. Our pest control offices are constantly being called to exterminate ladybugs and prevent significant infestations.

Rodent Control Mice and Rats are a big deal in homes and businesses, which is why mice control and exclusion in Winnipeg is such an in-demand service. If you have rodent control requirements, don’t set up amateur bait stations, and don’t just set traps. Instead, have a team of pros likes ours exterminating them for good.

Mosquito ControlMosquito extermination is the name of the game when you call us to take care of mosquito infestations for you.

Occasional InvadersCrickets, Pillbugs, Centipedes, Silverfish, and Cluster flies may only show up from time to time—but, when they do, make sure you don’t allow them to stick around and get comfortable. Call our offices for professional pest control help.

Overwintering PestsSince these bugs love moisture, the first thing we do is to apply moisture control tactics to remove the environmental conditions that make these insects feel welcome. When we’re done with them, you won’t have these pests around and they’ll never again find the thriving environment that once allowed to breed at your place.

Pantry PestsSaw-Toothed Grain Beetles, Indian Meal Moths, and Cigarette Beetles are very likely to call your pantry their home, if you let them. If you see some of these around, call our pest control offices so that we can bring the infestation under control and end it before this gets too serious.

Spiders and Black WidowsDon’t try to eliminate spiders on your own. First, because it doesn’t work. Secondly, because some spiders may be dangerous. More importantly, because you can leave that task to experts like us—we’ll smoothly handle the situation for you.

Stinging InsectsYellow Jackets, Paper Wasps, Bald-Faced Hornets, and Honey Bees can be dangerous, and an infestation of stinging insects, or removing a wasp nest, are situations that only professionals like those in our team should handle. Don’t take chances—call our insect control experts in Winnipeg for high-quality help in this field.

Stink BugsNow they stink, soon they won’t. If you call us to get rid of them.

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We definitely know how to handle any pest in the Winnipeg area, but bed bug treatments are one of our areas of expertise—and that’s what makes us the ultimate Bed Bug Exterminator Winnipeg turns to for guaranteed bed bug removal solutions.

  • One of the key features of the Bed Bug Treatment in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that we offer is the free on-site inspection provided by one of our bed bug specialists. The mission is to determine the size and nature of the problem to propose and execute an effective solution.
  • Bed bugs feed off human blood, so any inspection starts there. Our inspectors will ask you about bed bugs bite marks, blood stains on your clothes or bed sheets, and any other sign indicating that you are being treated as bed bugs feed.
  • Aside from that, our inspectors will look for other signs of bed bugs—such as bed bug eggs, and in fact eggs & nymphs, as well as adult bed bugs, are all on our list. Ultimately, bed bugs in all life cycles are a threat to your well-being, so we make sure we identify and remove them all.
  • Often, without realizing it, your home may have the perfect environmental conditions for bed bugs to thrive. Box springs, for example, are typical places where bed bug activity can be found. That’s why our inspectors look for bed bug infestations that you may miss but which they have a clinical eye to find!
  • After a diagnosis is completed, our next step is to execute a plan that actually kills bed bugs in a way that doesn’t just eliminate some of them—instead, it allows you get rid of bed bugs for good.
  • While there are many types of treatments, such as heat treatments and chemical treatments, we are committed to choosing and employing only the methods that we can confidently believe that will be effective.
  • On average, the bed bugs heat treatment option is the most widely used and effective for most bed bug infestations.
  • And that’s it—we’ll deliver your place completely cleared from bed bugs so that you can enjoy it again!

It’s important to state that bed bugs in Winnipeg have become a serious problem in the recent years. The online search for the “bed bug treatments” keyword is taking increasing strength. In the recent years, a lot of bed bug extermination Winnipeg services have popped up, but not many can provide a truly successful and lasting bed bugs control outcome. However, our company can—and will, if you call us!

Now you know why we’re the Bed Bug Removal Winnipeg trusts—want to see for yourself? Give us a call!


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