Box Elder Bugs

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As a homeowner, you may encounter a handful of residential pests. You cannot ignore these problems because most are not going to disappear overnight. Box Elder Bugs are regularly found in our service area so you may encounter them at some point. If you do, you need to call our office so we can begin working to eliminate them. Rest assured knowing we’re only going to use the safest and most effective techniques to resolve the problem.

Box elder bugs are black with red markings on their wings. They’re usually only half an inch in length. During the warm months, they’ll hang around outside so they can feed on cherry trees, ash trees, and box elder trees.

Why You Have Them

Are you curious to find out why box elder bugs have entered your home? Thankfully, it has nothing to do with you or how well you’ve cleaned your home. Instead, box elder bugs are attracted to homes because they’re overwintering pests. When the temperatures drop significantly, these pests have to find somewhere to take shelter. When possible, they’re going to enter your residence. They’re small enough to slip through the smallest holes so keeping them out will not be easy.

Dangers Linked To Box Elder Bugs

Although some pests are dangerous, others are not. Thankfully, you can sleep soundly knowing that box elder bugs fit into the latter category. These pests are not going to be dangerous to people or pets. Nevertheless, they’re downright annoying. They’re going to fly around your home and cause you serious concerns. Allow us to help you. We’ll eliminate them promptly.

Eliminating Infestations Of Box Elder Bugs

Do you need to get rid of box elder bugs around your property? Look no further than us because we’ve got you covered. We offer the latest and greatest box elder bug treatments. We can help you eliminate these pests without exposing you to dangerous toxins. Instead, we’ll use safe methods to keep you safe during each step of the procedure. You may be able to use DIY methods, but it is safer, easier, and quicker to use our services. Call us to get started.

DIY Methods For Box Elder Bugs

We understand that many consumers are eager to fix this problem on their own. Nevertheless, this isn’t always the best solution. In many cases, DIY methods come with serious problems. You might be able to suck up the bugs and take them back outside, but they could enter your home again. You can also try using DIY sprays. However, you must remember that these methods could be dangerous. We strongly recommend getting in touch with our experts. Doing so is the safest and most convenient way to tackle this problem. Plus, we’ll do everything we can to protect everyone in your home from danger.

When Can You Start?

We do not believe in wasting time. When we find that you’re dealing with a problem, we want to fix it for you promptly. Once you’ve found box elder bugs in your home, call our local office. We’ll contact you within 24 to 48 hours so the problem can be resolved right away.

Safer Treatments

Besides getting the job done quickly, we’ve made it our priority to protect our clients. We aren’t going to use any dangerous materials. Our technicians don’t want to be exposed to those toxins and we know you don’t either. Therefore, we’re going to use the safest methods for our clients. You can depend on us to keep you safe. We’ll use EPA-approved methods for each of our clients. If you’d like to learn more, call us. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our safe methods.

Preventing Invasions Of Box Elder Bugs At Home

We hope you’ll call our office so we can help you tackle this problem. Once we’ve eliminated the box elder bugs around your home and in your home, you’ll want to prevent them from returning. The best way to do that is by sealing your home to the fullest. Find and seal any small holes in your exterior walls. Make sure that all holes are blocked so these bugs and other pests cannot enter your residence. Typically, you can use caulk and other materials to block these holes.

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