Eco-Friendly Treatments

With global warming and the current condition of the economy, it has started to grow more and more evident that the pest control industry is in dire need of more conventional, safer treatment solutions. Chemical pesticides and insecticides have proven extremely effective in the past, but the negative effects they are contributing to the environment must be brought into consideration. Although there are many all-natural solutions available, they just don’t get the job done like conventional treatments.

Luckily, we are here to offer a more practical solution. We are huge proponents of the green movement and have adopted several new treatment options that we want to let our customers know about. These newer methods are quickly gaining more popularity and their benefits are far and wide when compared to traditional pest control solutions. It could even be said that they are more effective.

A Concern For Residence In The Home

Pest infestation alone can be a big enough hassle. However, when you must completely rearrange your life and evacuate from the premises for days at a time, it only makes matters all that more stressful. Life is already hard enough without relocating for several days while your property undergoes serious fumigation. It’s even worse for businesses, as this can cause a sudden halt in production.

Safety is always a major concern anytime children and pets are involved. It is these concerns that have brought about the need for better, more effective, and safer pest control and elimination solutions. We have those solutions but do not be fooled because they offer extremely powerful effects and properties that can’t be obtained by other conventional treatment solutions. It is our goal to offer a more eco-friendly approach to pest control, and we believe we have done just that by adopting these new treatment options.

Our Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions

By now you are probably ready to learn more about these new so-called miracle solutions. Although quoted as newer alternatives, these eco-friendly solutions have been extensively and effectively utilized in other parts of the world. Cryonite treatments have been in rotation in parts of Australia and Europe for many years.

Cryonite Treatment – First up on the list is cryonite treatment. It’s administered in the same manner as traditional chemical pesticides. However, it is an eco-friendly carbon dioxide mixture that freezes and kills all forms of insects on contact. When expelled from the hose and nozzle connection, it immediately comes out in a gaseous form. Because it bypasses the liquid stage, it can be applied to electrical outlets, motors, and other areas where liquid treatments cannot be applied. It can also easily penetrate cracks and crevices.

Steam Treatment – The easiest way to think about steam treatment is to think about the cryonite treatment we just introduced. It’s virtually applied similarly. The major difference is that it uses a specialized machine to emit heat at high temperatures rather than carbon dioxide at freezing temperatures. This unique mixture of steam is nothing more than a combination of high-pressure/high-heat water, making it 100% eco-friendly. Its unique vaporous form also always it to easily penetrate cracks, crevices, behind baseboards, wallpaper, and other areas where liquids cannot travel.

Whole Room Heat Treatment – Of these three eco-friendly solutions, it is the whole heat option that is the most extensive and detailed. This one is usually required for extreme infestations and might not be as affordable as steam or cryonite. However, it is just as effective if not more so, and you can likely tell by the name it utilizes heat as a medium. Our techs bring in specialized equipment to raise the temperature in the infested room to above 118 degrees F. Administering this type of heat for 90 minutes will eliminate all stages and forms of bed bugs as well as other insects.

To learn more about our new eco-friendly solutions all it takes is a phone call. We’ll send out a tech to evaluate your situation and give you an assessment of your best treatment options. For your free in-home consultation call today!

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