Steam Treatment

If you’ve been researching the recent rash of bed bug infestations, you’ve likely no doubt come across some talk about steam treatment. It’s the talk of the industry and for good reason. As a professional pest control company, we can tell you that steam treatments are by far one of the most effective and productive solutions for dealing with bed bugs.

Of course, just because we are telling you this, it doesn’t necessarily make the pill all that much easier to swallow. This is especially true when it comes to an insect as elusive and resilient as the bed bug. Luckily, steam treatments do offer the go-to and contact kill solutions needed to get the formidable task accomplished. It just might take a might be information to convince you.

Learning How Steam Kills Bed Bugs

To make the situation more attainable, it’ll help if you think of a clothes steamer. This is nearly the same setup and configuration that a commercial steam machine uses. The only difference is that the bed bug machine is much more capable of achieving higher temperatures. This high-pressure heat can be harnessed and administered to areas where bed bugs have been spotted.

These machines offer an on-contact kill solution and are an excellent option for clothes, furniture, and other areas where traditional pesticides and insecticides won’t go.

A More Eco-Friendly Solution

While steam treatments offer an on-contact kill solution, it is the eco-friendly aspect that draws the most attention. This type of treatment is virtually nothing more than high-pressure/high-heat water. There are no additives or chemicals added to the solution. Thanks to these unique properties, there are no harmful effects on the ozone or any lingering, residual aftereffects left behind.

Treatments can be administered in commercial settings without halting production. Residents can venture back onto the property within minutes after the treatment is administered. Although steam treatments are a fairly safe solution, there are many risks involved. This is especially true when steam machines are wielded in inexperienced hands.

One must realize that they are dealing with an extremely hot form of steam. When applied for prolonged periods to more sensitive areas or materials, there is an extreme risk of damage. Some materials and areas might not even be suitable or applicable for treatment. These are all things that can be uncovered during our free in-home consultation.

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