Carpenter Bees

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Carpenter bees are found across the United States so you’re going to encounter them at some point. When you do, it is best to stay away from them since they can sting. Nevertheless, many people have misconceptions about these stinging pests. For starters, carpenter bees can reach over an inch in length. While females are only black, males are usually orange and black. It is common for them to be confused with bumblebees, but there is one significant difference.

Carpenter bees do not have hair on their abdomens. Instead, its abdomen is going to be shiny and black.

What Causes Carpenter Bee Infestations?

Why are carpenter bees interested in reaching your property? Ultimately, these pests are attracted to wood. They want to build nests in weathered, untreated softwoods. If you have untreated softwoods on your property, there is a good chance that you’re going to have carpenter bees are some point. They will build nests in the wood and use those nests for shelter during the winter months. You can prevent this from happening by staining the wood. Once you’ve done that, these bees will no longer be attracted to your property. One issue is that breeding carpenter bees will return to the same nest over and over.

Dangers Associated With Carpenter Bees

Are you worried about carpenter bees attacking you or your pets? You should be because these pests can indeed sting. Nevertheless, these stinging insects tend to be less dangerous than others. They normally do not sting people as long as their nest is not approached. If you want to prevent this from happening, call our office. We’re eager to help you resolve this problem. We offer comprehensive carpenter bee eliminations and we’re going to keep you safe. Call our office to get started right now.

What About DIY Methods For Carpenter Bees?

Can you use DIY methods to eliminate carpenter bees? You likely can. The only problem is that there is no guarantee that these methods are going to work. While they could, there is a chance that they won’t work. What is going to happen if they don’t? You’re going to be out of time and money. Prevent this from happening by letting us resolve it for you. We offer comprehensive solutions to resolve such issues promptly.

Safest Treatments

One thing you’re going to like about our services is that we offer the safest treatments. We’re not going to take any risks. We follow the strictest protocols to ensure that our clients are going to be okay. Furthermore, we only use EPA-approved methods. The combination should put your mind at ease because you’ll be okay when you pick our services.

Preventing Invasions Of Carpenter Bees

It is always best to keep carpenter bees away from your property. Remember that these pests are attracted to untreated softwoods. To combat this issue, you should properly treat the wood items around your home. For instance, you can stain your wood deck. Once you’ve done this, the carpenter bees won’t be interested in building nests in your deck. Paint or seal the wood around your home to keep these pests away.

When Can Your Tech Begin?

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