Cryonite Treatment

When most people today think about bed bug treatments, they tend to think about conventional spray or perhaps heat treatments. Most people have never even heard of the term cryonite. Heck, most people are unfamiliar with heat treatments. That aside, cryonite treatment isn’t actually a new technology. It’s something old, very old. It’s a type of treatment that’s been tried and tested extensively through Europe, Australia, and now major parts of the United States.

It’s a type of bed bug treatment that we’ve completely adapted to. It offers many advantages that just aren’t there with conventional treatments or even heat treatments. Cryonite could easily be the most effective option for dealing with bed bugs in modern times. Of course, all this is moot until you understand more about the technology.

How Cryonite Is The Silent Killer

In the simplest of explanations, cryonite freezes bed bugs or any insect that it comes into contact with. It works with extreme precision and effectiveness. When you think of cryonite treatments, you should think about conventional chemicals. When you think about a professional pest tech administering this treatment, you should think of conventional bed bug treatments. The treatment is virtually delivered in the same manner. The biggest difference is the cooling medium.

Instead of spraying liquid chemicals through a specially designed hose and nozzle, the treatment utilizes a mixture of carbon dioxide to emit what’s typically referred to as snow to a designated area. It could be referred to as a point-and-shoot method. Also known as dry ice, this concoction of carbon dioxide is immediately expelled as a gas, bypassing the liquid stage altogether. It is this property that affords the treatment many benefits over conventional treatments.

Thanks to the fact that it doesn’t go through a liquid state, the dry ice or gaseous substance can be administered in electrical sockets, motors, pipes, cabinets, and various other areas where conventional treatments cannot be applied. In addition to this, it kills on contact, meaning it freezes and kills whatever insect it touches. Cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, spiders, or box elder bugs, it’ll make quick work of all of them. The gaseous substance can also easily penetrate deep cracks and crevices, where other treatments wouldn’t dare go.

An Eco-Friendly Option

As you can already see from above, cryonite treatments afford many not offered by other modern options. Although the dry ice substance is comprised of carbon dioxide, it is completely 100% eco-friendly. While we like to evacuate occupants from the treated areas, one could remain onsite during the process. The eco-friendly aspect of the treatments affords many other advantages that other treatments don’t offer. There is simply no downtime or number of hours that the occupants need to remain outside the treated premises, like with traditional chemical treatments.

This is something that’ll come in extremely handy in commercial settings. The treatment could be administered without even disrupting your hectic work schedule.

Why Cryonite Is The Ultimate Bed Bug Solution

Bed bugs are becoming a more and more widely spread problem. Reports of infestations are popping up everywhere and when you combine that with the bug’s elusive and resilient nature, it only makes the entire situation all that more troubling. It goes without saying that the pest industry certainly needed a more effective and productive response to the increased bed bug population.

It is more than clear to us that the answer is cryonite. If you still aren’t convinced that cryonite treatment could be the most effective treatment option to date, here is a recap of the benefits this type of treatment affords.

  • It kills virtually all forms of small insects on contact
  • It eliminates all stages of insects from adults to larvae and nymphs
  • There is virtually no downtime whatsoever
  • There is no lingering residual aftereffect
  • Treatments are 100% eco-friendly and easily administrable
  • Thanks to all the unique properties of this treatment, it is actually a more affordable solution
  • The gaseous properties can reach into cracks and crevices where other treatments can’t go
  • Treatment only takes a matter of hours, as compared to days and sometimes weeks with fumigation solutions

All it takes is a single, simple phone call to learn more about our cryonite treatment options. If it is a question you have, a quote you seek, or a thirst for more information about this new, revolutionary form of treatment, give us a call!

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