Heat Treatment

If you know anything about bed bugs, you likely know that they are tough and resilient insects. On top of that, they are extremely elusive. It is probably their wit and elusive nature that makes them one of the most formidable foes a homeowner can encounter these days. Luckily, we have several tools in our arsenal that one might need to battle this enemy.

One such tool that we are particularly proud of is our full thermal heat treatment. It could easily be said that thermal heat is one of the safest and most effective ways for dealing with bed bugs. Want to learn more?

How Does Thermal Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

When you think about it, thermal heat treatment is as simple as it gets. It just simply involves raising the temperature in a room to 140 degrees F or above. Of course, the entire process is much more complicated than that, but that’s the general gist of the treatment. Our techs bring in specialized heaters and monitors to raise the temperature in the infested room to above 140 degrees F.

When the temperature is raised, we use special monitors to ensure that the temperature remains steady for a full 90 minutes. This will virtually eliminate all stages of bed bugs. Adults, eggs, nymphs, it will completely wipe them all out.

A More Effective Solution

Thermal heat treatment is without a doubt one of our most effective bed bug treatment solutions. As you just learned, it completely eliminates all stages of bed bugs. Nymphs, adults, and eggs, it does away with all of them. However, the real beauty of the treatment is its near-limitless bounds. Because this treatment is nothing more than thermal heat, it penetrates behind walls, electrical outlets, wallpaper, and into other areas where traditional liquids and pesticides cannot travel.

Proper Monitoring And Barricading Are Key

While thermal heat treatment sounds like a godsend, there are some potential downsides to it. The biggest is that it can be completely ineffective if not properly administered. This is why it is always best to ensure that you hire more than a qualified contractor with the requisite experience and know-how.

The area where most pest contractors make mistakes is with monitoring. For thermal heat treatments to be successful it takes more than just applying high levels of heat for 90 minutes. That heat not only needs to reach and maintain temperatures of 140 degrees F, but it needs to be steady.

If there are too many fluctuations and variances, the treatment will virtually be rendered ineffective. That’s why we also bring along and installed special monitors. These monitors will immediately alert us to the slight drop in temp, allowing us to make necessary adjustments before the damage is done. In addition to this, there is the question of fleeing or escaping bugs. The infected room must be properly barricaded so bed bugs are exposed for the full duration of treatment.


If you have questions, or concerns, or want to schedule your free in-home consultation, all it takes is a phone call. We’ll immediately get someone out to your property to evaluate your infestation and offer the best course of treatment. Although thermal heat might not always be the best solution, it is one of our preferred and go-to methods of treatment. All it takes is a single phone call to get the ball rolling. Give us a call today!

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